miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

my name is faten, im upsetting to most people, i come off as a total noty, my come off to u is correct. humanity is boring, i have zero tolerance 4 shit talk, i love me teddy bears and a cute voice.water and liquor.concerts.walking around in t0wn. being a lip tease. late nights. naps. writing.screaming.long showers. south beach.new clothes.inspiration.throwing twinkies at fatties.texting.cuddles.kisses.fighting.bad attitude.parks.carnivals.sunset.music.his hugs.his smile.his words.his comfort.his everything. i hate miLk.shit talk..heartbreak.lies.smoking. criticism.sympathy..boring people. apathetic people. people with a bunch of acne. people with extremely high self esteem. people who favor others. suicides. bad breathe. waking up in the morning without my boyfriend. not being able to see my boyfriend until the weekend.pictures. pride. im tired of living alone, i just want u by my side every night i sleep. im done looking, im done with loneliness.its the thing of the past and i only want to see you in my future. i love you more than words can explain.you take me to a place where standards meet perfection, and where love is created in a new form of expression, where the sky's the limit, and your words are my only desire, where everything is seen past the bright lights and where the world views nothing but absolute value; where freedom is remade and where love is beyond control.

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