sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2008

i hate to be it.
i hate person who acting like this shit moment
i hate t0 being like dumn stupid things
i hate person who love to be that
why we must to be it,
or it because u want to show the worLd that u gud enough?
why we shouLd to being a hipokrit.
even though we noe that hipokrit is the way that sumone wiLL hate us..
dony treat people with this things.
bcoz it might be hurt u back,,
so watch out wit that..
with th0se who meet this people on this condition
just face it bcos is just like a challange t0 u..
make that person noe that they owes wrong
open their eyes n show that they r just lies with him self
let them noe that they just make peopLe laugh with them

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